3 - 5 October, 2018

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A1 Oil & gas upstream 
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A9 Environment   
A10 Industrial assembly   
A11 Drilling   
A12 Oil & gas production   
A13 Safety   
A14 Oil refining   
A15 Transportation   
A16 Gas transportation, treatment and/or distribution   
A17 Waste treatment   
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A1 Oil & Gas Exploration and/or Production   
A2 Distribution (Oil/Gas-LPG)   
A3 Transportation (Oil/Gas/LPG)   
A4 Refining / Elaboration   
A5 Commercialization (Oil-Gas-LPG)   
A6 Special services companies   
A7 Suppliers of material and equipment   
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A1 Increase technical knowledge 
A2 Achieve new business 
A3 Know new products and services 
A4 Know products variants 
A5 Consolidate business relations 
A6 Establish new commercial relations 
A7 Exchanging experiences 
A8 Get an overall impression of the market 
A9 Preparing conclusions of sales 
A10 Other. Please, specify: 
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A1 Ads in magazines or newspapers 
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A3 Brochures 
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